Forma Makina

We would like to introduce our company Forma Makina SAN.A.Ş as the leading industrial plant specialezed in manufacturing flat and hollow wafer production plants, feeding automations and horizontal flow pack machines

cream spreading

Cream Spreading Properties

   Cream Spreading Machine (KS), applying cream on the baked wafersheets into blocks and used for the desired floor. Minimum 2-fold between the wafer sheets can be.....

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wafer baking

Wafer Baking Properties

   The Wafer Baking Machine is used for the production of flat or hallow  wafers. For wafers with a pattern of fine or medium reeding, the baking plates are designed....

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wafer distribution

Wafer Distribution Properties

   For distributing cut wafer bars and feeding a downstream chocolate enrobing plant. The second cut pushes the cut wafer bars....

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wafer cutting

Wafer Cutting Properties

   Fully automatic cutting machine for cutting cream filled wafer sandwiches by fixed steel blades or cutting wires. According to the further....

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Some References

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W-Nabil Sweets
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Axis Global
Azar Shahd Company

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About of Automations

block feeding

            Forma Makina is also manufacturing custom made feeding systems providing the solutions meeting customer needs. We are serving the confectionery industry at all times with our highest performance.

wafer cutting


             Wafer Baking Machine -Wafer Batter Production Plant-Wafer Cutting Machine-Wafer Distribution Device-Wafer Sheet Cooler -Wafer Spreading Machine -Wafer Grinding Machine

flowpack machine


      Horizontal Flowpack Machines (high speed wrappers)are manufactured for the customers, aiming high capacity range with multiple product types. It is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of packaging speed, quality sealing, ease of cleaning and high standarts of the internal and structural compenents.



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